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Of the many different human senses, eyesight is probably the most highly prized, yet the majority of us take it so much for granted. Ethos are dedicated to bringing you cutting-edge products to help in the fight against visual impairments such as senile cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).


Bright Eyes Capsules

Zeaxanthin and Lutein are the only two carotinoids found in the retina of the eye. Scientific research has shown that supplementation with these carotinoids can increase macular pigment density, thus providing natural protection against macular degeneration.

The amount of lutein and zeaxanthin in the eye is referred to as macular pigment density. People with the highest risk of AMD, that is the elderly, women, smokers and people with light iris colours, also tend to have low macular pigment density.

Macular pigment density can be increased by dietary means. Such evidence provides an indirect link between dietary intake of zeaxanthin and lutein, macular pigment density and AMD risk.

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Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of legal blindness among the elderly in developed countries and a leading cause of vision impairment in general.

Some surveys estimate that approximately 10 million Americans show early signs of this disease and 450,000 or more may already have significant vision loss from late-stage AMD. Macular Degeneration is an epidemic among those over 55 and the baby boom generation will soon fall victim to this disease.

The risk of AMD increases with age and women may be at a higher risk than men. AMD is an incurable condition. Both the severity and irreversibility of AMD have prompted a search for ways to prevent or slow down its progression.




The best way to ensure you are getting Zeaxanthin and Lutein is to take Ethos Bright Eyes CAPSULES.

Testing for the early symptoms of a Malnourished Macular

The Amsler Grid

The Amsler grid was originally developed by Marc Amsler to allow patients to test their own central vision for early signs of a Malnourished Macular. This test consists of a grid of vertical and horizontal lines.



Look through your reading glasses or bifocals. Cover the left eye. While looking at the centre dot from a distance of 12 inches or so, answer the following questions: Can you see all four corners of the grid? Are any of the lines blurry, wavy, distorted, bent, grey, or missing?

Repeat the previous step, this time covering the right eye.

If you note any changes in how you see the grid, call your eye doctor for evaluation.

Recommended Usage


Take one capsule twice daily with meals, or as advised by your health care practitioner.

One Ethos Bright Eyes Softgel Capsule contains:

– Zeaxanthin 5 mg
– Lutein 10 mg
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Bright Eyes Capsules are 100% safe and suitable for use on pets and other animals.


It is also reccommended to apply Bright Eyes drops and to take 2g or 3g of Ethos élan vital supplement in powder form daily.